By Making a Donation

ABRN is a nonprofit 501.C3 organization. Your contribution is tax deductible and is always greatly appreciated! Please send donationsto Paypal and send us a donation. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.

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By Shopping
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By Fostering
All Breed Rescue Network is a coalition of over 100 different purebred dog rescue groups. We do not have a facility or shelter in which to house dogs waiting to be adopted. Instead, most rescue groups rely upon volunteers who are willing to foster one or more dogs in their home until a permanent home is found.

If you are interested in providing a temporary, loving, responsible home for a rescued dog, please contact the breed rescue group for the breed in which you are most interested and with which you have the most experience.

This can be a very rewarding — and sometimes challenging — experience. Not all rescued dogs are reliably housetrained, and not all are obedience trained. They usually learn quickly when given the proper guidance, consistency, and patience. Some dogs are young and energetic. Other dogs are older and may require less exercise. All potential fosters will be asked to complete an application, provide references, including the name of your veterinarian, and be willing to have a home visit done.

Each rescue group has its own requirements. A tall fence may be required for a big dog but not for a small dog, for example. Not all groups need or want volunteers to foster dogs (based on the number of dogs they place a year, whether or not they have kennel space, etc.), so you may get a “no, thanks”. Other groups will be most grateful for your help. Whether or not a group uses foster homes or accepts someone as a foster home is entirely at their discretion.

You would not be eligible to foster a dog if:

You receive a questionable or negative reference from a veterinarian.
You have dogs who do not get along with other dogs.
You have a household in which a dog would not be healthy or safe.
You do not have a secure area in which to keep the dog safe.
You have no dog experience.
You have any prior history of animal hoarding, neglect, cruelty, or abuse.
You have very small children.
You have a cat and the dog in question would be a danger to the cat.
If you’d like to explore the possibility of becoming a foster home for a rescued dog, please contact the breed rescue group of your choice. Or for more information on volunteering, please call our hotline at 303-989-7808, and a hotline volunteer can help you get in touch with the appropriate people. Thanks!

By Being Alert and Taking Action
By being knowledgeable about the law, understanding the link between cruelty to animals and violence towards humans, and reporting instances of animal cruelty...For a summary of Colorado legislation related to animal cruelty and a comprehensive list of resources, click here.